The Book Project

In 2013, two most daunting tasks I had were the writing of a book on my African youth (hood) and conducting my MPhil research on young people in Kenya. These two tasks pressed me to the core. It was fun to see the torture ones goes through when writing. Everyday, I woke up with a new thought and wrote it down. Every so often I shared my ideas with people and there was the enthusiasm in their eyes to read my final product in the near future. By dusk, I found myself drowning in a pool of new ideas, new critics, old memories, possible adventures into untouched research areas, and the list can go on. It's a researcher's dilemma, so it's a writer's dilemma. You can contact me if you would like to read a synopsis of the MPhil thesis which was successfully submitted a week to the deadline in later August 2013. This was after loosing five writing weeks to a strange illness- I suppose it was due to the constant writing and re-writing- or perhaps the anxiety of the journey I had embarked on. The book project continues in 2014, and is now coupled with an even exciting project of RQ Series about my doctoral project and fieldwork experiences.

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