About Me

  • A village girl whose life taught a lot about everything intergenerational, diverse, multicultural, community, political, apolitical, environment, development, connected, and futuristic.
  • Completed a doctorate on Geography and Environment  at Oxford on my passion: the changing aspirations of educated youth in Africa in the intersecting and cognate areas of environmentalism, agriculture, climate change, and sustainable development in Africa. Other research interests are in science communication, systems thinking,  social compact, gendered youth identities, and intergenerational partnerships.
  • An all-time connector with people wherever this journey takes me. I am always driven by a desire to build relationships and a community around the world that values life. 
  • Professional experience in research and development, policy and advocacy, communication and education and movement building. I have worked for research organizations like ICRAF, development organizations like VVOB, and volunteered for international organizations like IUCN. I am currently a non-residential research fellow with ACTS, a fellow with Earth Systems Governance and a Programme Associate with Climate Interactive
  • I am a freelance consultant on youth development, environmental policy and management, sustainable agriculture, event organizing and facilitating, and social media reporting. I have consulted for AGRA, SNV, YPARD, KENVO and ICRAF. 
  • I have a knack for education and communication and enjoy a science story well told and resulting in measurable impact. I am a member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and Co-convener of IUCN Taskforce for Intergenerational Partnerships for Sustainability. 
  • Forever on a learning; sharing and serving journey; you can reach me onmwauragrace0@gmail.com,  Twitter: @gracemwaura or Grace Mwaura (LinkedIn).